Novel capillary injection system restores production in offshore gas wells ///

Liquid loading can slow production in gas wells, and causes many wells to be shut in prematurely. Many artificial lift methods have successfully alleviated liquid loading and allowed the operator to reach the abandonment pressure more quickly, reducing expense. However, most artificial lift methods are not applicable to offshore production due to regulations requiring the use of certain safety systems offshore, in particular a Surface-Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve (SCSSV) and a Surface Safety Valve (SSV). Use of traditional artificial lift methods would impede the operation of these safety devices. However, BJ Services has developed a failsafe, thru-tubing capillary injection system for offshore wells equipped with an SCSSV and an SSV. Full compliance and functionality of the SCSSV is maintained by using a specialized wireline-retrievable SCSSV. At surface, a unique wellhead adapter allows the SSV to remain functional.

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