Evolution of drilling programs and complex well profiles drive development of fourth-generation hardband technology ///

Today, the focus is on protection of both casing and drillstem components in both cased and openhole conditions. The result of this 36-month development program is a fourth-generation spall resistant, high-performance hardband. The innovative laboratory testing program surpasses the earlier DEA 42 methodology and provides repeatable and accurate prediction of the hardband’s wear performance. The test concludes with field trials. Advanced nanotechnology and a systematic design approach enabled the manipulation of material properties to yield a spall-resistant hardband that offers superb drillstem wear resistance and casing wear protection while reducing friction. These materials are ideally suited for today’s long and complex drilling programs where extended drilling through casing is required. This article reviews the historical changes in drilling practices, development of drillstem hardbanding materials, and their shortfalls in meeting the industry’s needs. Also presented are recent developments in laboratory testing to repeatedly predict hardband/tool joint wear performance.

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