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Grey Wolf Inc. has introduced a new fit-for-purpose drilling system, PaDSRig (Production and Drilling System), specifically designed for drilling multiple wellbores from a single pad location. Pad drilling minimizes environmental impact because it allows multiple-well access to larger areas and targets beneath sensitive surface environments such as lakes, towns, national forests, parks and wildlife areas. Combined with directional drilling techniques, multiple-well pad drilling can reduce initial habitat disturbance by as much as two-thirds or more. Engineered and manufactured in Houston by IDM Group, the drilling system incorporates IDM’s QuickSkid pad drilling technology, which features the ability for the rig to skid on a rail track in single- or bi-directional planes from the initial well to other producing wells on the pad. The PaDSRig 109 has a drilling depth capacity of 18,000 ft. The drilling structure can skid up to 140 ft in one direction and 10 ft in another direction.

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