New hydrajet tool demonstrates improved life for perforating and fracturing applications ///

Hydrajet perforating and fracturing has recently gained popularity in the oilfield industry, especially when used with Coiled Tubing (CT). With CT, the task of placing many cuts at multiple places becomes straightforward and no longer time consuming. However, hydrajetting equipment life has been plagued with rapid failures, resulting in the need for time-consuming and costly tripping out and in the hole for jetting tool replacement. To reduce or eliminate tripping costs, the hydrajetting tools needed substantial improvement. A mere change of materials or a redesign using concepts that follow the customary models has resulted in insignificant performance improvements. A complete overhaul of the design concepts was required. By doing this, substantial improvements were obtained. This article discusses unique improvements made to the hydrajetting tools. The new tools address the factors contributing to failures in the past. By taking a fresh perspective of this situation, a performance improvement of 200-300% can be attained.

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