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The InSite ADR Azimuthal Deep Resistivity sensor from Sperry Drilling Services helps in optimizing wellbore placement, maximizing production and extending field life. The sensor combines a deep-reading geosteering sensor with a traditional multifrequency compensated resistivity sensor, providing more than 2,000 unique measurements for precise wellbore placement and accurate petrophysical analysis. Deep reading, directional and high-resolution images give early warning of approaching bed boundaries before the target zone is exited. The sensor acquires data in 32 discrete directions around the tool and at 14 different depths of investigation, up to 18 ft into the formation. This deep penetration into the surrounding rock gives very early warning of changing lithology and geologic structure. As bed dip changes along the course of a long horizontal section, the well trajectory can be corrected to run parallel with bed boundaries at a fixed distance.

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