Wire wrapped screens in SAGD wells ///

Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) is a widely used thermal method for in situ recovery of heavy oil and bitumen in Western Canada. While most SAGD applications completed to date have used slotted liners, Wire Wrapped Screens (WWS) have received increasing attention. Some operators have reported mixed results, but the screen’s large open flow area, design features, sizes and materials offer advantages. Given their relatively complex construction and limited design and application experience, there remains uncertainty about the design and implementation of WWS in SAGD horizontal wells. For SAGD, WWS products need to have adequate structural capacity and serviceability for installation and thermal operation loads. Thermal loading will produce plastic strains, which can cause failure from fracture, low-cycle fatigue, localized buckling or collapse. This article presents several design considerations and guidelines for WWS, using non-linear finite element analyses to assess structural response and serviceability.

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