Hydraulic pump dewaters low-rate wells ///

Devon Canada required an artificial lift system suited for low-rate dewatering that would work effectively in low-pressure and low-permeability reservoirs. A group of wells in the company’s central Alberta assets had been shut in for several years due to liquid loading. They required a dewatering device that would continue to operate in a pumped-off state. Given the production rates and gas prices at the time, many typical dewatering solutions were not economically viable. Devon installed a unique hydraulic pump to dewater these wells, resulting in steady increases of gas rate and decreases of water rate. Devon’s central development region, encompassing Alberta’s central and southern plains, produces crude oil, gas and natural gas liquids from multiple formations. Production optimization from conventional and unconventional gas wells has been a focus of the central region’s production engineers. To optimize production, Devon engineers target new and mature gas wells that they believe are not producing gas to their optimal capacity.

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