Equalization of the water injection profile of a subsea horizontal well ///

This article focuses on the world’s first installation of a water injector well with a lower completion system that incorporates both premium sand control screens and water injection profile equalization. The equalization of the water injection profile of horizontal wells has been a key issue in many development projects worldwide and has the potential to increase the reservoir’s ultimate recovery by increasing the water sweep efficiency. Inflow Control Devices (ICDs) integrated with premium sand control screens have a long history of application in production wells. In these cases, the main objective is to create a uniform inflow profile along the horizontal section, delaying unwanted water and gas production and increasing oil recovery. The method through which ICDs equalize the inflow of oil can also be used to equalize the outflow of water. Historically, sand control completions for water injection wells included stand-alone conventional screens and openhole gravel packs.

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