Low-power capacitive deionization method shows promise for treating coalbed methane produced water ///

A new, low-power technology using capacitance-based deionization is being used to treat the highly saline waters produced from coalbed methane wells. The mechanism for ion removal during purification and wastewater regeneration is a hybrid of Capacitive DeIonization (CDI) and Electro-DeIonization (EDI). The technology developed by Aqua EWP, called the EWP X3, uses hybrid electrodes comprised of activated carbon, nano-materials and a semipermeable coating. The hybrid electrodes are electrically charged to opposing polarities using a DC power supply, and ionically charged contaminants in the water are attracted to the electrodes of opposite charge, thus facilitating their removal from the water. In early 2008, Aqua EWP and Redwine Resources, a producer in the southern Atlantic Rim coalbed methane trend, field-tested a 250-bwpd processing unit on a CBM well cluster in Carbon County, Wyoming, as a first step to a full-scale development including a larger, full-sized treatment unit.

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