Advanced depth processing of ocean bottom station data ///

Data quality is an important issue in exploration and production. More information is being extracted from recorded seismic data and efforts are put into improving data acquisition systems. The most efficient system, from a data quality point of view, is node acquisition. However, due to the high-cost of node deployment, the number of nodes in a survey is limited and the distance between them must be maximized. Therefore, dedicated imaging tools should be designed that take advantage of the high-quality data while working with low-lateral coherency in the node direction. We describe such tools that cover multiple attenuation, background velocity model estimation, full waveform inversion and pre-stack depth migration in the angle domain. The tools comprise a semi-automatic workflow suited for inclusion in a 4D reservoir monitoring system in an e-field setting. Ocean Bottom Seismic (OBS) data can provide unique data quality and, therefore, more information can be obtained...

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