Drilling advances ///

New stuff. Invention. Innovation-I just love it. It’s one of the things that helps keep this old dog learning new tricks, and what nifty new ideas we’re seeing recently. By now, we’ve all read about the new cement that is self-sealing should a hydrocarbon begin leaking along a microannulus or crack. Apparently, the cement contains some magic component that causes the cement sheath to seal off the channel in response to the leak. It reminds me of swell-packer technology, but this material is imbedded in the cement sheath itself. It almost makes me want to go block squeeze a bunch of old wells I once operated in a salt dome field near Beaumont. We always had communication between zones, and block squeezes never seemed to completely seal the annulus. I had the brilliant idea once of dumping a bunch of glass microspheres in a cement slurry.

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