Solving specialized well intervention problems ///

A dynamic Finite Element Analysis (FEA) calculation engine has been developed and is being used to solve specialized well intervention problems. This paper summarizes the theory used and documents two applications: 1) the buckling behavior of pipe (or bottomhole assembly) being snubbed through a packer, and 2) wireline being run from a boat to a subsea well to perform an intervention. When a pipe, or BHA, is being snubbed into a well, large compressive forces are applied to push it through the packer into the well. These forces often cause the pipe to buckle in the surface equipment. Anti-buckling guides are often used to prevent excessive bending. Failures have occurred, especially when snubbing packers into a well. A modeling tool was developed, which calculates the maximum bending and stress in each pipe or BHA component. Intervening in subsea wells from a boat is much less expensive than using a rig to perform the intervention.

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