How to improve E&P performance with ubiquitous, right-time business intelligence ///

The traditional realm of Business Intelligence (BI) was, for many years, confined to the CFO’s office. Until recently, BI was a capability afforded only to E&P and other companies’ financial analysts or accountants. They were looking for more efficient methods to maximize return on capital and to cut costs. With the trend in many industries toward merging financial and operational data,1 more people than ever need to have access to BI tools. Surveillance instrumentation, computing-power and processor technology advances2-at substantially lower cost-have exponentially increased the data volumes collected in oilfield operations, critically driving the need for visualization techniques. The resulting mountain of data overwhelms traditional analysis techniques and E&P professionals’ abilities to process data for effective decision making. More cost-effective BI with intuitive visualizations and collaboration capabilities can be the solution.

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