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Collapsed-tubing opener TIW has developed the CTO (Casing-Tubing Opener), designed to open collapsed casing or tubing. This system utilizes a hydraulic multistage power section, similar to the setting tool for the ELH Liner System. A mechanical set anchor is added above the power section, with a staged expansion anvil below. The tool is run in the casing to the collapse point, and the anchor is set with rotation. Hydraulic pressure activates the power section, which drives the anvil through the collapsed pipe. Successful testing has been completed on the 5½-in. 17# L-80. A total of 90 ft of collapsed 5½ casing was successfully opened in testing at the company’s R&D facility, and an additional 85 ft was successfully opened in a test well. Real-time viscometer Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc., has introduced its TT100 in-line viscometer, a device for continuous real-time drilling fluid viscosity measurement. It can provide data at multiple rpm/shear rates . . .

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