Rapid progress in expandable liners and single diameter well construction ///

Whoever said that new technology takes over 20 years to be accepted in the oil patch must not have known about solid expandable tubular technology. Setting aside expandable screens, junction reforming and other non-casing-string applications, uptake of expandable casing has been relatively quick. There have been hundreds of installations comprising hundreds of miles of pipe. It has been used in wells more than 28,000-ft deep, and in wells with bottomhole temperatures above 400°F. Recent record lengths of expandable casing used as a liner and the first three-string run of true single-diameter wellbore prompt this update. KEY BENEFITS Although most often run as a contingency, solid expandable tubulars are increasingly incorporated into the wellbore construction as a planned design element.1 Perhaps “workaround” is a better word, since a pre-planned solution to an emergency is not really a contingency. Whatever the terminology, a growing number of operators are shifting their implementation of solid expandable tubulars . . .

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