United States: Producing gas wells ///

The number of gas wells reported in this year’s survey grew nearly 4% compared with last year’s 0.8% increase, demonstrating accelerated drilling across the US. The 2006 total of 413,174 producing gas wells was an increase of 14,999 wells over 2005’s count of 398,175 gas wells. The largest percentage gains came from four states: Mississippi, Oregon, Virginia and Utah. Each of these states grew its gas well total by more than 12%. Texas, Pennsylvania, Wyoming and New Mexico had the most new wells. Texas maintained the No. 1 spot with 76,348 total gas producers, adding 2,859 gas wells. Districts 1 and 9 raised their totals more than 25%, but District 9 added the most with 1,775 new producers. Modest gains and losses characterized the rest of the districts. Following District 9, the largest gains were in District 7C with 900 new wells and District 6 with 608 additional wells.

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