Rig Floor Equipment: Versatile tongs' three-jaw gripping system minimizes tool joint damage ///

Weatherford’s TorkWrench tong provides up to 100,000 ft-lb (136 kN-m) of torque for the toughest makeup and breakout jobs. To eliminate shear forces, pipe bending, and the need for any other centering feature, the tool uses a three-jaw gripping system that centers the pipe. The gripping system is built to provide equal load distribution, which also reduces marks on the tool joint significantly. The tool features a high-torque, high-speed three-roller spinning system as well as an intelligent pneumatic control for simpler and safer operation. The pneumatic control box can be disconnected from the tong unit and relocated to be operated from a safe distance by a single operator, without applying any electronics. The spinner is designed to follow the movement of the pipe and help eliminate damage caused by conventional systems. Its torque delivery capability, in conjunction with high-speed spinner and wide-angle, 40° rotation, provides outstanding breakout performance.

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