Rig Floor Equipment: Quintuplex mud pump enables efficient transfer to hydraulic horsepower ///

The Ellis Williams Engineering Company (EWECO) is on the verge of showcasing its next generation of pumps in the 2008 OTC show. Their expanded offering is for a “Quintuplex” (five cylinder) high-horsepower (1,700, 2,200 and 3,000) continuous-duty mud pump with their patent-pending design of a crankshaft driven by internal herringbone gears. As is the norm with all of the company’s designs, roller bearings are in every position with a true eccentric-type, fully balanced, crankshaft. The crankshaft will have a piston firing order of 1-3-5-2-4 with four main bearings, which isolates all crankshaft loads, unlike a typical triplex, where two eccentrics are always fully loaded between two mains at any given time. The pinion shaft will be driven from both sides by electric motors much like a conventional triplex pump, which allows for true interchangeability on every drilling rig.

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