Rig Floor Equipment: M-I SWACO introduces meerkat pt dual-motion shaker ///

M-I SWACO has introduced its patented MEERKAT PT dual-motion shale shaker that is ideally suited for drilling rigs and separation operations where space is at a premium and performance requirements are high. The new generation solids-control technology, which can be customized to meet tight-space requirements and high-performance criteria, is engineered to adapt to changing drilling rates and conditions throughout the well construction process. In linear motion, the shaker is designed to manage the high volume of drill cuttings generated in surface hole sections. The unit can be changed on the fly to balanced elliptical motion with the flip of a switch for maximum retention time, which produces dryer cuttings as the well progresses. Because drilling rates and conditions change as drilling progresses, solids-control equipment must be able to handle varying solids characteristics. When premium drilling fluids are used, maximum fluids recovery is of heightened concern.

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