Rig Floor Equipment: Logan Oil Tools' power swivel with offshore package designed for workover and fishing operations ///

The newly engineered PS120 is a hydraulic motor-driven, 120-ton power swivel that provides shock-free torque. It is rated to support tensile pipe loads of 120 tons at zero rpm and 65 tons of dynamic load at 100 rpm. The compact, swivel-head design weighs only 2,000 lbs. and fits into most drilling or workover masts. Maximum torque is rated at 8,100 ft-lbs at 150 rpm maximum. Its maximum circulating pressure is rated at 5,000 psi. The swivel head assembly weighs 2,000 lb. The design incorporates a reliable, custom drive train with hardened steel gears. For most applications, the swivel eliminates the use of dangerous spinning chains, tongs and kelly spinners. It facilitates drilling with longer drill string lengths before the rig must be shut down to add pipe. Stops and startups are thereby reduced, improving rig efficiency and reducing wear on the mud pumps, drawworks and other rig equipment.

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