New Rig Designs: Rack and pinion design enables rig to perform extended-reach laterals at shallow depths ///

Horizontal Well Drillers (HWD) has deployed its second-generation drilling rig this October. The rig’s unique rack-and-pinion design allows horizontal drilling at shallower depths, compared to conventional rigs. The new drill rig can be built on a trailer or heavy transport that can be moved from site to site easily. The operator sets the rig upright by activating two hydraulic cylinders that are mounted to the backside of the rig platform and to the trailer. The drilling rig’s main design feature, which greatly contributes to its horizontal capability, is its hydraulic rack and pinion system. Due to hydraulic motors that move the drillstem up and down, the rig has a push and pull rating of 500 klb. Designed for mobility, the rig can be rigged up in one day compared to two to five days with conventional rigs.

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