Reservoir formation failure and sanding prediction for well-construction and completion design ///

Sand production due to reservoir formation failure often causes significant production loss, facility damage, and can lead to well shut-in after continuous sanding-up. It is cost effective to generate a good well completion design by running a series of computer simulations. Historically, several completion methods were tried for a field. However, this trial-and-error method required time, excessive cost and effort before the best sand mitigation completion method was identified. Our study showed that, if the reservoir rock strength and its variation along depth were measured for each well, the conditions inducing sand production could be predicted for each interval. Therefore, if permeability distribution and oil and water saturations were measured for each well in addition to the rock strength, the best completion method could be identified without trial-and-error. Our SAND3D program, a 3D finite element sand production and well mechanics analysis system, has been developed and extensively field-applied over 15 years...

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