United Kingdom: Reliable deepwater positioning reduces vessel time and acoustic interference ///

Over the last 10 years Nautronix has been developing its ADS2 technology, and over the last five years it has developed NASNet. The company has a number of commercial projects using the system in the field and is developing the offshore subsea wireless controls market. Research and development began this year on the NASBOP and NASCoM acoustic control products. Investment has also been directed to the company’s support infrastructure. The NASNet system is very similar in concept to GPS, as it permits unlimited users to obtain precise navigational data. However, unlike GPS, it provides this coverage at the sea surface and through the water column to the sea floor, regardless of working depth, Fig. 1. During November and December 2006, the company announced completion of a second deployment in the Mediterranean Sea. Reliable positioning, reduced vessel time and resistance to acoustic interference from other vessels give the system an advantage and save cost.

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