United Kingdom: CO2 injection into North Sea fields will increase oil recovery ///

There is presently a widespread acceptance of the possibility of major climate change due to increased levels of greenhouse gases such as CO2 in the atmosphere. Some governments and other organizations, including the UK, Norway and the EU, have perceived a need to take measures to reduce the magnitude of climate change. One technique is Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), in which waste CO2 from sources such as power stations may be stored in geological structures, such as oil and gas reservoirs or aquifers. In 2005, the EU introduced Phase 1 of an Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) for carbon, which is expected eventually to incorporate CCS schemes. A North Sea basin Task Force, made up of governments and private and public organizations from the North Sea rim, was established with the aim of developing regulation and management of CO2 storage under the North Sea. In 2006, the UK government conducted an energy review...

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