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You probably don’t remember Ollie and Merle. That’s OK, neither do I. Ollie is a journalist; Merle is an energy analyst. They’ve been doing those jobs for the past 200 years or so. Although they have often been incredibly wrong, they seem so believable. Ollie is masterful at turning a phrase. Merle can cite “facts.” They do it so well, and so often, that even they can’t tell whether they were being intentionally specious, or unintentionally misleading, through their masterful, but false, arguments. Most of these you know well. Regarding automobiles, Ollie wrote, “People have been working on this ‘horseless carriage’ thing for over 50 years, with nothing to show.” Merle chipped in, “Besides, there’s no infrastructure to support such a contraption. People have been using horses for work and transportation for centuries, and they will likely continue to do so for centuries to come.”

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