Rig floor equipment: Dual-disc braking system offers maximum redundancy, safety ///

Over the last couple of years, the German company, Wirth GmbH, has field-tested and proven the Dual Brake System (DBS) for use on standard rotary drilling rigs. It is now available for commercial use on a wide scale. The DBS system was developed in cooperation with Svendborg Brakes to achieve the following advantages during emergency braking: • Limit maximum rope force, independent of load and speed • Keep deceleration constant • Adapt the brake torque to load demand • Provide full redundancy • Back up the emergency brake system with full performance, even in a power failure situation. The system comprises two independent disc brake systems. Each provides full braking capacity to park the drawworks under normal (static) conditions, or to stop the drawworks under emergency stop conditions, taking over the load immediately from the drives.

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