Rig floor equipment: Distributed drilling data system covers drilling workflow ///

Petron Industries Inc. presents new technology with its Distributed Drilling Data (3D) Instrumentation System that embraces the drilling rig’s total workflow. The networked drilling data acquisition system is modular in design, with open architecture and versatile display configurations. The system’s basis is the smart sensor data hub concept. Local data collection units are close to the sensor hub areas (i.e. pit area, drill floor, etc.). These smart data hubs include integral Man Machine Interface (MMI) which allows local display of sensor data, local calibration of the data acquisition unit and manual drilling information entry. The data hubs are controlled from the master display unit, located at the driller’s station. The system supports many slave or passive displays. Rig floor 3D system control stations and rig floor slave displays may be either a high-bright-color, touch-screen LCD units and/or large character LCD units.

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