Drilling advances ///

The modern land-based drilling location resembles a small mobile city of up to 12 house trailers all equipped with electric, water and sewage systems. Land drilling rigs are designed to be broken down into sections that can be, legally, moved over the road by trucks. The house trailers and supporting systems are moved the same way. During the drilling of a typical well, up to 30 people are living and working on location at any given moment. During the past few years, many innovations have made drilling operations more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally acceptable. Let’s look at a few of what I like to call “Little Advances.” Before running a string of casing, the cosmoline-type preservatives must be removed from the threads. Until a few years ago, diesel and gasoline were used, with righands letting the fluids soak into the soil. Today’s methods use biodegradable soaps, pressure washers and rolls of absorbent matting to collect the fluids.

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