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Lower operating temperatures in ESPs Thermoline, from Duoline Technologies, is a concentric tube featuring a specialized grout system that provides a highly effective insulating layer between produced fluids and the surrounding environment. The product enables the lowering of operating temperatures for electrical submersible pumps (ESPs). Shrouded ESP motors can overheat and scale up, even with relatively mild, static bottomhole temperatures. Rising tubing fluids can transfer waste heat to the cooler falling annular fluids via the tubing wall above the ESPs, and this adverse heat cycle buildup can cause the motor thermal rating to be exceeded and result in scale precipitation. Tests with Thermoline, in a shrouded ESP application having a long perforated interval, resulted in temperature drops of 50°F. Progressive-cavity pumps Dyna-Lift progressive cavity pumps from Dyna-Drill Technologies are available for a variety of well applications and lifting conditions. The pumps are capable of pumping liquids and solids, and have no internal valves to clog or gas lock.

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