Controlling high fines production in high-volume gas wells ///

Offshore wells receive multiple-path, concentric, annular, openhole gravel pack completions for laminated reservoirs. Sarawak Shell’s offshore Shallow Clastics (SC) field has two shallow gas-bearing reservoirs, H1 and H2, at about 2,650-ft TVD. The reservoirs are a sequence of highly laminated sand and shale deposits with significant sand-size variability and high fines content. Since the reservoirs are unconsolidated, downhole sand exclusion is mandatory. Log data, Fig. 1, from SC were gathered from the appraisal and development wells of the deeper carbonate gas reservoirs; however, core data were limited to a single, poor-quality core from Well E11-SC1. An appraisal/ early-producer well, E11-SC2, was drilled with a deviated wellbore through the H1 and H2 targets. Its completion design consisted of a cased-and – perforated, commingled completion inside 9-5/8-in. casing. The sand-face completion design consisted of a large-OD expandable sand screen with 150-µm weave opening across the zones.

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