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Unburied treasure. When was the last time you stooped to pick up a penny, centavo, øre, kobo, kopeck, satang, paise, rupiah or jiao?* With their value reduced from inflation, these smallest-value coins often get thrown away or left on the sidewalk when dropped. Some small coins, like the Indonesian sen, no longer circulate because inflation nibbled away all their value. It isn’t worth the trouble to pick up the coin. The same is true of a leaky oil facility: a little bit of oil leaked or spilled isn’t worth worrying about, much less gathering for sale or use. Of course, that attitude from an earlier oil era has been superseded by environmental awareness and strict oil capture and containment policies, to the industry’s credit. But, what if the streets and fields were covered with small coins? And, what if the coin market suddenly raised the coin’s value ten-fold?

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