What's new in exploration ///

Better batteries. It may seem a bit of a stretch to present batteries as an exploration aid, but our industry uses them much more than you might think. Besides the now-common use in downhole drilling assemblies, especially LWD/ MWD, we are using them increasingly in autonomous nodes on land and at sea. On land, they power sensors and allow storage of seismic data, which is then retrieved via radio-frequencies, as used in the recent introduction of I/O’s FireFly or Vibetch’s it Systems. On the sea floor, battery powered autonomous nodes must gather and store data for days or sometimes more than a week. There are about two dozen types of lithium batteries; they are the gold standard of batteries for oilfield use due to their long life, energy density and cost. Unfortunately, they also have some serious HSE considerations, and often must be stored in explosion-proof carriers and cannot be transported by air.

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