United Kingdom: Visualize HPHT for hotter, deeper drilling ///

As drilling in HPHT conditions become routine worldwide, the need for precise pressure data is greater than ever. Durham-based GeoPressure Technology Ltd is developing effective software packages to meet this challenge. The company has a suite of niche software that manages and visualizes pressure data for successful HPHT drilling. It also offers training and consultancy in pressure problems. The software is designed for geoscientists and engineers and has two modules. PressureView is a combination database and interpretation software that enables users to conduct pressure analysis. Users can create a range of single and multi-well plots including pressure-depth, mud weight-depth and overpressure-depth, with zoom-in and -out capability to interrogate large datasets. Data input can come from in-house or commercial records and can be retrieved using the advanced search functions available in the Query Wizard. The software package features enhanced fluid gradient plotting and a range of oilfield pressure types and units.

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