Gulf of Mexico operator eliminates unneeded casing string ///

Real-time well hydraulic monitoring and pore-pressure updating optimize drilling. A combination of Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) services, coupled with a pre-drill pore pressure model, provides significant insight into well stability and pressure monitoring. This allows pore pressure prediction updating, while reducing drilling uncertainty, and optimizing both drilling and casing points. By using this methodology the operator drilled in a very tight hydraulic envelope and eliminated a string of casing. Using LWD technologies, a new methodology optimized drilling on a Gulf of Mexico (GOM) Vermillion 338 well. Continuously updated LWD annular pressure measurements gauge wellbore pressures and help the driller rapidly intervene in pressure and/or geomechanical wellbore stability issues. A complete understanding of the hydraulic forces on a borehole can increase ROP, provide greater safety, minimize casing strings, reduce or eliminate kicks and formation fracturing, and allow faster and less expensive completions.

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