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Metallic squeeze. What do you do with a leaking well? Not one that just has a casing head or annular pressure leak, I mean one where well fluids have channeled up or through the exterior cement and are causing a surface problem around the conductor. Cement squeeze, right? Well, right, most of the time. Occasionally, there are wells that don’t respond to traditional cement squeeze techniques. Multiple cement squeeze jobs later, you’ve spent thousands of dollars and still have a leaky, problem well. What do you do then? This was the situation in Western Canada, where leaky wells with gas migration problems and vent gas flows were contaminating potable water reservoirs and creating fire hazards. Canadian regulators are very strict on fixing such wells. The problem can make an operator’s pocketbook very light from repeatedly squeezing an older, leaky well, according to Homer Spencer of Canitron Systems Inc. in Calgary, Alberta.

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