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The CO2 Wedgie. I’ve long suspected that it was all a plan, even if not a well-orchestrated one. It’s the “Wedge” strategy, the idea being to drive a wedge between people, the industries they work in and their political parties. No finer wedge has ever been created than carbon dioxide. I’ve suspected that US Democratic and Republican operatives, like James Carvel and Karl Rove, play a role in this, as do many leaders from our industry and from the environmental side. Just today, two emails illustrated the point. They were sent to me by an environmental group, with the usual Evil Big Oil banter, and a very conservative, pro-oil group (that shall remain nameless out of decorum, good sense, and fear). It seems that the UK formally announced it would not likely meet its Kyoto Protocol target, namely, to cut CO2 emissions to 20% less than 1990 levels by 2010.

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