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Doom! The end is near. “Doom” has become a buzz word around the office lately. It's from one of those TV ads that are played ad nauseam, only we've been applying it as a running gag ever since a few of us attended a speech where the subject was, paraphrased and parodied, “The world will soon run out of oil, followed by anarchy and chaos; then it will blow up!” Like the world itself, which has been ending ever since it began, world oil production will fall off permanently someday. The soothsayers of both events are perennial and have a colorful history, and they always say the end is nigh. Of course, the end will come sometime, say, within five billion years for the planet and within a couple of centuries for oil. Narrowing those times to a few years intuitively seems impossible, although predicting them can be fun and lucrative (selling books). For now, let's avoid religious prophesy and stick to the slightly less politically risky topic of: Doom: The end of oil.

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