Large-volume, gel-polymer treatments successful in Kansas's Arbuckle ///

Since 1997, TIORCO, Inc. has treated 21 Arbuckle wells in three Kansas fields – Bemis-Schutts (17 wells), North Hampton (3 wells) and Blue Hills (1 well) using its large-volume, proprietary MARCIT ** gel-polymer treatments. The economic success rate has been 100%, with payouts of total costs (polymer, plus well preparation and workover) less than six months. Incremental reserves are estimated at more than 540,000 bbl for three leases in Bemis-Schutts, or an average incremental of 39,000 bbl oil per well. Finding costs in three leases in the field range from $0.59 to $2.34 per incremental barrel of oil. Reduced water-handling costs alone exceed $1.4 million. Operator ultimate return on investment ranges from 8.5:1 to more than 17:1.

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