Reservoir management of gas fields using permanent sensors ///

sing permanently installed pressure and temperature sensors in an observation well has been both inventive and very useful for development of the giant Troll gas field. For the first time, externally mounted sensors were cemented in place at various levels throughout the formation for monitoring pore pressure during reservoir depletion. The operation has revealed good results with respect to reservoir understanding, production management, verification of the drainage strategy, and prediction of future behavior based on improved history matching. This article outlines the findings from three years of pore pressure data from an observation well, and discusses how the data has explained reservoir behavior and helped with reservoir forecasting. First, a brief description of Troll field is given, then an outline of the pore-pressure gauges and the observation-well completion. A description follows of how the pore-pressure monitoring system was verified using permanent-gauge data from a producer. Finally, aspects associated with the use of the data for reservoir-engineering purposes on Troll are described and discussed.

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