November 2000 ///

Special Focus

Floating production units set to grow

New study details the past and future of FPSs in 1995 - 2004 period, including type, region, ownership, plus the FPSO's future in the GOM

GRI's restimulation program enhances recoverable reserves

Part 1 - Summary of lab testing involving fluidizing proppant beds from previous treatments and effects of various chemicals on specific reservoirs

Oil recovery could be accelerated using pi-mode production strategy

How bringing a reservoir to peak production quickly, then holding that rate to 50% of original oil-in-place, could maximize present value of revenue

Seawater in polymer-free fluids optimizes fracturing offshore

Two companies successfully mixed new viscoelastic surfactant in seawater to enhance production while saving time and reducing frac-job cost


Bad data problem worsens as oil prices skyrocket

The global market's need for timely, accurate production data is greater than ever, yet quality/ quantity of output statistics are worse than ever

Reducing friction in high-angle wells

Article discusses torque/ drag problems with current designs and presents roller-based tool technology as a solution for reducing friction losses

What causes distortions on prestack reflection seismic data?

Transmission distortions are observed on two Gulf of Mexico locations that produce anomalous AVO signatures resulting from interference patterns

Special Report

Acidizing products and additives

Useful reference table covers nine pumping companies and product suppliers, listing tradenames for 28 categories of acidizing products and additives, plus generic names and descriptions of product composition and function


New equipment

New literature


Editorial Comment

One global warmer changes stance; Ramifications of cloning extinct animals


IHS report says Non-OPEC producers are not keeping up with OPEC's pace

International Politics

SPR release sparks debate about effectiveness and intention of the action

What's happening in drilling

Comments from IADC's annual meeting; Simulating deepwater oil/gas spills

What's happening in exploration

Hydrothermal vents and subsea earthquakes; Chevron discovery off Angola

What's happening in production

U.S. oil/gas reserves increase, but only due to revisions with higher prices

What's happening offshore

DTI says spending is up on UK shelf; Pilots still face major bird problems

News & Resources

Companies in the news

Nov. 2000 Vol. 221 No. 11  Company News  Kerr-McGee Corp.’s board of directors approved the plan to develop Leadon field in the UK sector of the North Se

Industry at a glance

Nov. 2000 Vol. 221 No. 11  Industry Stats  International Geophysical Activ

Looking ahead

Nov. 2000 Vol. 221 No. 11  Looking Ahead  Independent asks U.S. to lift drilling restrictions off federal lands. Due to tight oil and gas supplies, state governors

Oil country hot line

Nov. 2000 Vol. 221 No. 11  Hot Line  Venezuela offers neighbors low-priced oil A "separate and bilateral deal," called the Energy Pact of Caracas

People in industry

Nov. 2000 Vol. 221 No. 11  People  Dave Hager was appointed to head Kerr-McGee Oil & Gas’s reorganized worldwide deepwater E&P. Jim Kleckner