November 1998 ///

Special Focus

Completion/stimulation practices in Cotton Valley gas wells

A study of earlier ineffective fracture treatments led to new guidelines for designing completions and recommendations for horizontal drilling alternatives

Downhole gas separation and injection powered by a downhole turbo expander

Two types of downhole machines will prevent production of excess gas to an oil production facility. Applications for various reservoir types are described

Gulf of Mexico frac-and-pack treatments using a new fracturing fluid system

Low-gel borate fluid/ breaker system for 170° to 200°F applications provided better fracture conductivity in several offshore field tests

Pump-off control improves Hugoton field gas-well dewatering efficiency

To maximize gas recovery, relatively simple pumping unit controllers keep saltwater off the formation and provide early warning of equipment problems

Using 4-D seismic to monitor and improve steamflood efficiency

Time-lapse 3-D seismic was tested in a pilot project, then applied full-scale to portions of a huge field to boost oil recovery and better utilize steam energy


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