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MARCH 2013

Special Focus

  • Real-time data from closed-loop drilling enhances offshore HSE

    Don Hannegan and Ken Gray

    Managed pressure drilling is often viewed as a means of drilling extreme wells. But real-time wellbore information, acquired with MPD, points toward a major role in minimizing health, safety and environmental issues on challenging offshore wells being drilled with conventional fluids and cementing programs.


  • Drilling riser fatigue monitored in real time aboard drillship

    Scot McNeill, Daniel Kluk, Puneet Agarwal, Kenneth Bhalla, Tomozaku Saruhashi, Ikuo Sawada, Masanori Kyo, Eigo Miyazaki, and Yasuyuki Yamazaki

    A riser-fatigue monitoring system (RFMS) has been developed to provide field measurements of drilling riser stress and fatigue in near-real-time. During the two deployments on the Chikyu drilling riser, the system successfully recorded riser dynamics in the field, capturing a number of riser excitation events.

  • Horizontal drilling, multi-stage fracing drive increase in U.S. crude production

    Sam Gorgen, John Staub, and Tancred Lidderdale

    Crude oil production increased 790,000 bopd between 2011 and 2012, the largest annual increase since the beginning of U.S. commercial production in 1859. In its Short-Term Energy Outlook, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects that U.S. crude oil output will continue rising over the next two years, led by production from tight formations in Texas and North Dakota. 

  • Mississippi Lime

    Jim Redden

    Anyone who has ever bought a penny stock, and unloaded it a few weeks later for a very tidy profit, has a pretty good idea of the attraction that an eclectic bevy of independents has for the liquids-laden Mississippi Lime.

  • Reducing uncertainty for better production operation decisions

    David Tornez, Hector Mario Benumea, Luis Eugenio Davila Garate, Edher Ramirez Loaeza, Ivan Perez, and Neil Sookram

    A new production logging service deployed on fiber-optic-embedded coiled tubing helped Pemex reduce uncertainty and make the right decision to avoid serious production losses

  • Regional Report: India

    Raj Kanwar and Pramod Kulkarni

    India’s oil and gas industry is earnestly pursuing exploration opportunities, despite the absence of major discoveries. On the field development side, operators are combating declining production through IOR and EOR technologies. Faced with this reality, both private and public sector companies are looking at international E&P opportunities, as well as sourcing oil and LNG supplies.


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