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Special Focus

  • Integrating hydromechanical hole cleaning in drill pipe

    Luc Van Puymboroeck and Christophe Rohart

    When properly spaced in the drillstring, the Hydroclean tool has shown to reduce operating costs and non-productive time up to 20% as a result of hole-cleaning efficiency gains achieved while drilling large holes in highly deviated wells. A new drill pipe design incorporating hydromechanical cleaning features in each tool joint is now available to address ECD and annular pressure issues encountered while drilling horizontal and ERD wells.

  • New drill bit technology: Greater durability, faster ROPs equal better economics

    Henry Terrell

    The easy oil has already been produced. Today, drillers are going deeper, into harder, more abrasive formations. One challenge for drill bit designers is to create polycrystalline diamond cutters (PDC) with greater wear resistance without sacrificing impact resistance. And, although fixed-cutter bits serve most of the drilling market, traditional roller-cone technology is still undergoing development, with emphasis on reliability and improved rates of penetration.

  • Sakhalin extended-reach well pushes ERD envelope to a world record

    Michael W. Walker

    To reach reserves in the Odoptu field, located offshore Sakhalin Island, Russia, ExxonMobil, as operator of the Sakhalin 1 project, drilled nine extended-reach wells from the Sakhalin Island shore, culminating with the record-setting OP-11 well. Lessons learned on these wells will be useful for designing future extreme ERD wells.



News & Resources

Geology & Geophysics

  • Isometric in-line and cross-line sampling advances marine 3D seismic

    Steve Harries

    The recently launched IsoMetrix service delivers isometrically sampled point-receiver seismic data in both crossline and inline directions, capturing the wavefield in three dimensions and providing highly accurate images of the subsurface.

  • SEG annual meeting at a glance

    Nell Lukosavich

    With exploration activity booming and new technologies being developed to better assess resource potential, the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) 2012 Annual Meeting will bring together industry professionals from all over the globe to discuss the challenges, opportunities and innovations in the exploration business.

  • Shale plays can be interpreted and characterized using seismic attributes

    Joanne Wang and Duane Dopkin

    Applying established, recently developed technologies, many attributes (structural, rock property and anisotropic) can be generated from seismic data reconstructions, including full-azimuth angle gathers. When properly processed, imaged, analyzed and interpreted, seismic data become a vital source for exploitation of shale plays.



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2013 Fracturing Technology

2013 Fracturing Technology


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Drill Bit Classifier World Oil published its renowned Drill Bit Classifier in September 2013. The Drill Bit Classifier is a comprehensive listing of major manufacturers' d...