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  • A mixed bag for the North Sea

    Matthew Evans and James Midgley

    While drilling activity has been uneven, the region is seeing record numbers of license awards and corporate deals.

  • North American drilling: We wuz wrong (sort of)

    World Oil Staff, Robert Curran, Dr. Daniel Romo Rico

    North American drilling: We wuz wrong (sort of)

  • Too many rigs, too much gas and a W-shaped bottom

    Richard Mason

    After both the best and worst times in a generation, evidence of a modest recovery heartens the US land drilling industry; but gas production issues in a soft-demand market appear to be systemic.

  • US Gulf jackup market collapses

    Thomas E. Marsh

    Even the most optimistic of observers can find little hope for a reprieve in the jackup market near-term. However, other segments of the North American offshore rig market are faring better.


  • A systematic approach to sand management

    Yousef Gherryo, Mohamed Shatwan, Kaibin Qiu, Rob Marsden, Joe Alexander and Albertus Retnanto

    Sand production has plagued producers for decades. And for decades many have been satisfied to treat the symptoms instead of seeking the cure. A sand solution exists, if we only look for it.

  • Pilot-scale membrane bioreactor treats produced water

    Arnold Zilverentant, Adriaan van Nieuwkerk, Ian Vance, Centromere, Annette Watlow and Matthew Rees

    Vol. 230 No. 8    PRODUCED WATER REPORT Pilot-scale membrane bioreactor treats produced water Located at the Sangachal Terminal in Azerbaijan, the plant removed over 97% of chemical oxygen demand and over 99% of several organic contaminants. Arnold Zilverenta

  • Renewed interest in heavy oils and rock asphalt in South Central Kentucky

    Michael T. May and Kenneth W. Kuehn

    Direct-current and microwave heating, along with traditional steamflooding and SAGD, are being considered to meet these reservoirs’ great challenge: economically lowering the viscosity of heavy-end hydrocarbons.

  • US coalbed methane takes a dive

    David Michael Cohen

    As other regions ramp up their CBM activity, the North American sector faces tough times.


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2013 Fracturing Technology


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