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MARCH 2009

Special Focus


  • Cross-linked polymer-based mud pill applied in MPD operations

    Egil Ronæs, Ole Iacob Prebensen and Renate Mikalsen, MI Swaco; Knut Taugbøl, Svein Syltøy and Steinar Torvund

    A fluid pressure transmission pill met several drilling challenges in an HPHT environment, including successfully balancing reservoir pressure.

  • Issues with compensated neutron log response

    W. A. Gilchrist, Jr. and Noel Atzmiller, Baker Hughes Inc.

    Always remember the basics with log responses. This tutorial reminds us that, despite evolutionary improvements, log responses are often misunderstood.

  • Kick handling with losses in an HPHT environment

    Fred Ng

    In HPHT or deepwater operations, differences in shale and sand fracture gradients can result in kicks with simultaneous gains and losses. Options for handling these scenarios are available, but must be applied in a logical sequence.

  • Modeling and inversion of cross-dipole full waveforms for azimuthal anisotropy

    Jorge O. Parra, Dawn Domaschk, and Pei-cheng Xu

    Lack of quality control techniques for cross-dipole sonic inversion meant that improvement was needed to advance the state-of-the-art for this application. 

  • Optimization of CT interventions in extended reach wells

    Faisal I. Beheiri, Mohammad M. Saudi, Sayed A. Metwally, Nayef S. Al-Shammari, Fahad Al-Meshal, Jose Noguera and Leopoldo Sierra

     In water injection wells in Saudi Arabia, techniques used to extend the reach of coiled tubing stimulations included use of nitrified fluids and viscoelastic surfactant friction reducer, as well as optimizing the pull-test frequency in open hole.

  • Recent advances in well logging and formation evaluation

    Stephen Prensky

    Developments include improvements in wireline depth accuracy; new methods for tool deployment; casing evaluation tools; LWD batteries and telemetry systems; azimuthal-density imaging; and digital-outcrop modeling.


News & Resources

  • Industry at a glance

    At the beginning of 2009, the steep decline of US workover and rotary rigs continued. The US workover rig count fell to 2,152, down 13% from 2,476 in January 2008. Rotary rigs running in the US fell to 1,553, down 11% from 1,749 in January 2008. However, despite the falloff in US rigs, the international rotary rig count has remained relatively stable at 1,515 in January 2009, down only 7% from 1,640 in January 2008.
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  • World of Oil

    Krista H. Kuhl

    Chavez wins referendum; US oil and gas leases canceled and pulled from sale; Iran signs new Turkmen gas deal; Italy suspends Total Italia’s Gorgoglione project



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