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MARCH 1998

Special Focus


  • Harding field: A North Sea success story

    W. McLellan, S. Hough, M. Ferguson and G. McKay
    First article of new six-part series introduces the field and the operational challenges, as viewed from pre-development evaluations
  • What's new in artificial lift

    J. F. Lea and H. W. Winkler
    Part 1 - Sucker rod pumping, progressing cavity pumping, automation and control. Twenty-four innovations for improved field operations


  • Editorial Comment

    R. W. Scott
    Fair weather friends, shades of Viet Nam, new medical soap operas
  • International

    Kurt S. Abraham, International Editor
    Traveling editor takes pulse of Europeans about industry outlook
  • Oil and gas in Washington

    Charles D. Matthews, Contributing Editor
    The 105th Congress is tackling some important industry legislation
  • What's happening in drilling

    J. John Grow, Engineering Editor
    Educating offshore hands on Mr. Charlie; Wytch Farm 10-km stepout
  • What's happening in exploration

    J. John Grow, Engineering Editor
    Glomar Explorer, its interesting evolution from spy ship to drillship
  • What's happening in production

    Thomas R. Wright, Jr., Editorial Director
    Floater-based snubber works over a subsea GOM well in 2,100-ft water
  • What's happening offshore

    Robert E. Snyder, Editor
    DOE/NOAA promote Year of the Ocean; Brent Spar finds permanent home

News & Resources

Special Report

  • CEMENTING - A well-completion reference

    Ten pages of tables list available cement additives from five service companies, what they do and what they are called. Products are grouped into 15 functional categories including basic cements and additives
  • European technology update

    J. Shackleton
    Review of five projects the European Commission' s THERMIE program is supporting, including four offshore advances and a pipeline plug



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