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JULY 1999

Special Focus



  • Editorial Comment

    Thomas R. Wright, Jr., Editorial Director
    Two independent studies support what industry has been "preaching"
  • International

    Kurt S. Abraham, International Editor
    SEC data shows interesting top-executive pay trends for major companies
  • Oil and gas in Washington

    Charles D. Matthews, Contributing Editor
    U.S. Court of Appeals action slaps EPA' s hands for "making" regulations
  • What's happening in drilling

    Robert E. Snyder, Editor
    GRI study on rig efficiency; New thermal drilling waste cleanup system
  • What's happening in exploration

    Perry A. Fischer, Engineering Editor
    Landmark legal battle between Texaco and 30,000 Amazonians continues
  • What's happening in production

    Perry A. Fischer, Engineering Editor
    Reserve-increase study; Joint Venezuela/ Cuba venture; $10 gas at the Hub?
  • What's happening offshore

    Robert E. Snyder, Editor
    New fields in the U.S. Gulf/ North Sea; Exploration drilling innovation

News & Resources

  • Companies in the news

    July 1999 Vol. 220 No. 7  Company News  BP Amoco signed a production sharing agreement (PSA) with Angolan state oil company Sonangol for deepwater Block 31 in the Lower Congo basin

  • Industry at a glance

    July 1999 Vol. 220 No. 7  Industry Stats  International Geophysical Activity Table

  • Looking ahead

    July 1999 Vol. 220 No. 7  Looking Ahead  West Coast drilling could start back up this year. There are 40 offshore leases along California’s coast belonging to eager oil companies waiting

  • Oil country hot line

    July 1999 Vol. 220 No. 7  Hot Line  Iraq renews oil-for-food deal The Iraqi government has renewed the oil-for-food deal with the UN that allows Iraq to sell limited amounts of oil on the condi

  • People in industry

    July 1999 Vol. 220 No. 7  People  Rett Fisher joined American Shoreline Inc. as a computer geoscientist. Petroleum Equipment Suppliers Association elected officers for 1999–

Special Report

  • Casing table updates

    Surveys update 1997 Casing Reference Tables for three companies' connections and show organizational corrections for five companies



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