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MARCH 1999

Special Focus

  • What's new in artificial lift

    J. F. Lea, H. W. Winkler and R. E. Snyder
    Part 1-Nineteen innovations for beam, progressing cavity, and hydraulic pumping, plus gas/ plunger lift and related technologies are introduced



  • Editorial Comment

    Thomas R. Wright, Jr., Editorial Director
    Some proposed ideas for helping producers, short of higher oil prices
  • International

    Kurt S. Abraham, International Editor
    Canadian vendors strive to stay competitive in today' s depressed industry
  • Oil and gas in Washington

    Charles D. Matthews, Contributing Editor
    Despite impeachment distractions, Congress "stumbles" on with its business
  • What's happening in drilling

    J. John Grow, Engineering Editor
    Retractable bit technology from Russia; Casing drilling technology update
  • What's happening in exploration

    Perry A. Fischer, Engineering Editor
    Advances in detecting hydrocarbon seeps, including sniffers and tubeworms
  • What's happening in production

    Perry A. Fischer, Engineering Editor
    Time to buy SPR crude; Portable flurometer for testing discharge water
  • What's happening offshore

    Robert E. Snyder, Editor
    UK North Sea opens 200th field; Drilling contractor economic dilemmas

News & Resources

  • Companies in the news

    March 1999 Vol. 220 No. 3  Company News  Pease Oil and Gas Co. sold its remaining 39 interests in Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming to focus on the Gulf Coast. Santa Fe and Snyder Oil Corp. in

  • Industry at a glance

    March 1999 Vol. 220 No. 3  Industry Stats  International Geophysical Activity Tabl

  • Looking ahead

    March 1999 Vol. 220 No. 3  Looking Ahead  Clinton administration seeks increased 2000 energy budget. The Clinton administration proposed a $15.76-billion budget for the U.S. Department of Ene

  • Oil country hot line

    March 1999 Vol. 220 No. 3  Hot Line  Texas Senate passes tax exemption bill The first bill passed by the Senate during the 1999 legislative session was SB290. It offers a temporary exemption fr

  • People in industry

    March 1999 Vol. 220 No. 3  People  Texas Railroad Commissioner Tony Garza was named chairman of the Railroad Commission. Garza pledged to work with his fellow commissioners to address the current

Special Report

  • Cementing products and additives

    Fifteen pages of tables list available cement additives from seven service companies, their functions and trade names. Products are grouped into 15 functional categories, including basic cements and additives



Engineering Data Tables

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