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MAY 2000

Special Focus

  • Cementing above screens and slotted liners

    R. Vincent
    Three methods to isolate liners/ screens use external casing packers as a barrier for placing cement in openhole and horizontal completions
  • Hydrogen peroxide applications for the oil industry

    J. H. Bayless
    Article updates applications in stimulation/ heat flooding, introduces the concept of drilling with superheated steam, and presents three other uses
  • One-day gas well testing

    H. J. Smith
    Part one of two-part report shows how a modified isochronal test method can give key information in low-permeability wells without extended flow
  • The changing face of underbalanced drilling

    R. Teichrob and D. Baillargeon
    Part II of three-part series tells how components for UBD are tied together through macro-control systems/ data acquisition, crew structure and training


  • DeepStar enters fifth phase of deepwater mission

    P. R. Hays and G. R. Seid
    This cooperative industry effort has accomplished much in offshore R&D. An ambitious agenda has been set for the program' s next two-year phase
  • Guyana basin: A new exploration focus

    W. Workman
    High success rates in turbidite exploration, plus results of new seismic acquisition and modern analytical techniques are drawing area interest
  • Malaysia's upstream shows new vigor

    Kurt S. Abraham, Managing / International Editor
    Malaysia shows signs of renewed E&P strength after batterings by low oil prices. Drilling is up and efforts to boost oil/ gas output are underway
  • What's new in geophysics/ geology

    Perry A. Fischer, Engineering Editor
    * Nine-component seismic data technology * Changing role of vertical seismic profiling * Fiber optic multi-component seismic * Advances through imaging spectroscopy


  • Editorial Comment

    Thomas R. Wright, Jr., Publisher
    Politics and gasoline prices; UK goes metric; U.S. forest regulations
  • International

    Kurt S. Abraham, Managing/International Editor
    OPEC' s decision should open up capital spending; Statoil sets a record
  • Oil and gas in Washington

    Charles Matthews, Contributing Editor
    Court victory on royalty valuation; Efforts to open Arctic Coastal Plain
  • What's happening in drilling

    Robert E. Snyder, Editor
    People shortage becomes real problem; Top U.S. driller adds more rigs
  • What's happening in exploration

    Perry A. Fischer, Engineering Editor
    Antarctic “exploration"; New Zealand discovery
  • What's happening in production

    Perry A. Fischer, Engineering Editor
    Using acoustic-stimulation to enhance oil recovery
  • What's happening offshore

    Robert E. Snyder, Editor
    U.S. Gulf lease sales; Grand Banks activity; Gas industry outlook survey

News & Resources

  • Companies in the news

    May 2000 Vol. 221 No. 5  Company News  Unit Corp. completed its merger with Questa Oil & Gas Co. Vanco Energy Co. opened an office in Delft, The Netherlands.

  • Industry at a glance

    May 2000 Vol. 221 No. 5  Industry Stats  International Geophysical Activity Table &nbs

  • Looking ahead

    May 2000 Vol. 221 No. 5  Looking Ahead  Oil industry sees additional mergers. Growth in the ranks of consolidated oil companies continues. Latest entrant is the merger of Anadarko Pet

  • Oil country hot line

    May 2000 Vol. 221 No. 5  Hot Line  OPEC increases crude output As expected, OPEC members increased their combined crude output about 1.7 million bpd to bolster global supplies an

  • People in industry

    May 2000 Vol. 221 No. 5  People  Dr. Bruce Applebaum was elected VP of Texaco Inc. and president of worldwide exploration and new ventures. Susan M. Cunningham was named VP explorat

Special Report

  • About the Petroleum Technology Digest

    Case studies for Independent Producers
  • Alternative artificial lift system improves well profitability

    Brian Fox and Gerold Allen
    A balanced, oil recovery, artificial lift system improved well profitability by lowering operating costs and increasing oil production in problem wells in northeastern Oklahoma. Water production with its associated costs and, in some instances, well servi
  • How to cut electrical power costs by 30% with little or no investment

    James C. "Chris" Hall
    Operator experience confirms that low-tech, low-cost actions can reduce electrical power costs by as much as 30% or more, when applying simple, good business management practices and monitoring their operations.
  • Microbial permeability profile modification extends life of oil field

    James O. Stephens, Lewis R. Brown and A. Alex Vadie
    Microbial permeability profile modification technology is being used to improve reservoir sweep and recovery in the North Blowhorn Creek Unit Carter Sandstone waterflood in Alabama. Inorganic nutrients are being injected to stimulate growth of in situ mic
  • Petroleum Technology Digest

    A special 12-page feature, prepared by World Oil and PTTC, presents six case history reports on recent exploration, drilling and production techniques that have been successfully field tested
  • Pumping large water volumes revives "watered-out" gas zone

    Brian Collins, Dave Boneau and Pinson McWhorter
    Operators in the huge Indian Basin field have found that significant volumes of gas can be produced far behind the encroaching water front by pumping large volumes of water along with the gas. Yates Petroleum, one of the early users of this "secondary-gas
  • Sound technology and better regulation make field development economical

    Brian Sims
    Improved reservoir definition from 3-D seismic, combined with progressive regulation allowing reservoir-based spacing units, enabled Spooner Petroleum Co. to develop Ollie field, a Norphlet play in southwest Alabama. Lower development costs with reservoir
  • Surface geochemical survey adds exploration confidence

    William H. Shepherd and J. Lynne Davison
    Surface-hydrocarbon-soil-gas data provided extra confidence that adequate reservoir quality existed at a step-out drilling location of a structural/ stratigraphic-controlled Mississippian dolomite play. Data were gathered using patented K-series gas-sieve



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