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  • After petroleum is gone, what then?

    H. W. Parker
    Author discusses seven possible organic carbon sources for transportation fuel alternatives and five carbon conversion processes to be considered
  • Hydraulic thrusting devices improve drilling efficiencies

    C. A. Giles, T. Seesahai, J. W. Brooks and W. Johnatty
    How hydraulic piston device in BHA improved penetration rates and reduced downhole tool failures for operator BP in medium-to-high-angle applications
  • Meeting today's plug & abandonment/ decommissioning demands

    R. Dodson
    How working with a company skilled in handling legal/physical complexities of abandoning offshore facilities on a turnkey basis can be a win/win situation
  • Natural Gas: Anomalously Pressured Zones

    R. C. Surdam
    Anomalously pressured gas accumulations in Rocky Mountain Laramide basins - Following discussions of AP reservoirs and their vast potential, a case history illustrates technical application of a new exploration/exploitation approach


  • Editorial comment

    Thomas R. Wright, Jr., Publisher
    Energy Literacy Project seeks way to educate public on critical issues
  • International

    Kurt S. Abraham, Managing/International Editor
    World' s oldest producing well still active after 140 years
  • International Politics

    Øystein Noreng, Contributing Editor
    Major changes are underway in Europe' s natural gas market
  • What's happening in drilling

    Robert E. Snyder, Editor
    Positive news from Andersen' s survey of operator capital spending
  • What's happening in exploration

    Perry A. Fischer, Engineering Editor
    MMS study on seafloor geohazards; Limitations of corn-derived ethanol fuels
  • What's happening in production

    Perry A. Fischer, Engineering Editor
    Compressed air energy storage; Big potential for gas-to-liquids technology
  • What's happening offshore

    Robert E. Snyder, Editor
    MMS' s proposed 5-year leasing plan; 3,000-mile gas pipeline for SE Asia

News & Resources

  • Companies in the news

    Sept. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 9  Company News  Nuevo Energy agreed with Coho Anaguid, Inc., Anadarko Tunisia Anaguid Co. and Pioneer Natural Resources Anaguid

  • Industry at a glance

    Sept. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 9  Industry Stats     International

  • Looking ahead

    Sept. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 9  Looking Ahead  OPEC’s speedy reduction surprises U.S. OPEC quickly agreed to cut production as of September 1 by another 1 million bpd

  • Oil country hot line

    Sept. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 9  Hot Line  U.S. House votes to open ANWR The U.S. House of Representatives passed an energy bill that allows drilling in a 2,000

  • People in industry

    Sept. 2001 Vol. 222 No. 9  People  Nick Wemyss joined Samson Canada, Ltd., as exploration VP. Samson Canada is the Canadian subsidiary of Tulsa, O

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2013 Fracturing Technology

2013 Fracturing Technology


By Digital Publisher

Drill Bit Classifier World Oil published its renowned Drill Bit Classifier in September 2013. The Drill Bit Classifier is a comprehensive listing of major manufacturers' d...